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Quarterback And Receiver Non-Contact Football Camps

Thank You Campers! 

For 52 Years, we were the premier Non-Contact Football Camp in the Nation. We loved meeting, teaching and coaching 10s of thousand of campers who attended our camps throughout the years.

Unfortunately, some great things must come to an end. We have decided that 2016 was our last year, but that doesn't mean we are going away. If you have a question, comment,  or want to say hello, we are just one click away on Facebook (www.facebook.com/QBRCamp) or email me: laird @ qbrfootballcamp.com.

Thank you again for being a part of our camps and always remember -

"Prep - Rep - Perfect"


Laird Hayes

President - Quarterback and Receiver Camp

P.S. - A Special Thank You To Gatorade.

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